STUFF.TV CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE – Top 10 computer games

It’s less than a week till Christmas, which means a dark, grim January is lurking close behind. Luckily, the Stuff Gadget Doctor has a prescript

There’s still just about enough time to add crackers like the new Call of Duty or Left4Dead to your Christmas list. But if the worst happens and you only get cookery books, these are the games to spend your January vouchers on.

Our Top 10 also shows what a varied and strong year 2008 was for new games on PS3, Xbox and Wii. We had the best ‘virtual band’ game yet in Guitar Hero World Tour, our favourite game for a long time in Grand Theft Auto IV and, perhaps best of all, a genre-busting platformer in LittleBigPlanet.

Of course, sometimes all you want is sparkling version of an old classic, and Mario Kart Wii and Pro Evolution Soccer ’09 have together eaten up more of Stuff’s lunch hours than any other games.

If that all sound like too much hard work, make sure you check out our Top 10 Blu-ray discs for our pick of the laziest, non-interactive entertainment.   

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