News caption competition – Sonic & Mario get competitive

As finely tuned athletic types prepare to run through smog and political unrest at the Olympics over in Beijing, we're sitting back to watch the games

So to get you all in the mood for a fortnight of everything from triathlon to taekwondo we're letting you indulge in a competition of your own. Sadly, there'll be no gold medals awarded, this is just for larks.

We've dug out a particularly tasty snap from the launch of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games showing the arch video game enemies cosying up to a pair of Page 3 stunnas.

But what's going through their minds? Probably not a lot in the case of The Sun's two lovelies but there must be something really niggling our favourite Italian plumber that you think he's dying to get off his chest. Or perhaps your brainbox has spurted out something witty that'll sum up the whole shebang. Either way, whack it into the comments box below and try and make our sides split.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for's armchair olympian feature coming up later in the week. On your marks, set, go!