Stuff’s Office Cat diary – 18/10/12

Trampoline bridges, walking wheelchairs and Sky 4K - Office Cat has all the things that are good

In-Seine trampoline bridge

Office Cat enjoys a bit of a bounce on a trampoline – and this one will carry you all the way over the river Seine. Assuming it ever gets made – it's a concept design from architectural studio Atelier Zündel Cristea. Here’s hoping the 30 metre fun crossing will be built.

Source: gizmag

iOS intercom

Belki'sn WeMo Baby does away with the fuzz-filled baby monitors of old and brings an iOS friendly clarity – all over Wi-Fi. And if your tortured brain is crying out for sleep, you can turn off baby cry notifications. You can even analyse your wee one's sleep patterns and fret yourself silly over what they mean. Office Cat will be picking one up for the Office Kittens – at US$90 (£55) it's the perfect way to induct your offspring into the connected world.

Source: uncrate

Mary Sutcliffe, at 73 years old, has killed thousands of people in satisfying her 15 year addiction to the Carmageddon games. That makes her the world’s oldest fan as well as a bastion of commitment – a fine example for children to follow, says Office Cat.

Secure Dropbox

iTwin SecureBox uses a dual USB stick to allow you to encrypt your files before uploading them to Dropbox. Leave one half of the key at home then use the other end to decrypt your cloud stored files from any location. Office Cat likes the added security – though you could just carry a code secured USB if you didn’t need too much storage space.

Sky testing 4K now

With his keen feline eyesight, Office Cat finds HD TV a bit fuzzy. Fortunately, Sky is now testing the next generation of TV clarity, in the form of 4K broadcasts. Sky filmed last week's Arsenal game in ultra-high resolution to begin testing the medium, but it reckons that at the moment the frame rate is too slow for sport – it needs to be 120 fps at least. It may yet go the way of Japan’s NHK in skipping 4K and focusing on 8K as the next big jump in TV. Unlucky if you’ve just shelled out for Sony’s £25,000 4K TV.

Source: 3dfocus

Climbing wheelchair

That’s one small step for man but one giant leap for wheelchairs, ponders Office Cat. This new chair developed by the Chinese University has great possibilities for those wheelchair users stuck in areas without ramps or with obstacles in their paths. A step in the right direction, you might say.

Source: designboom

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