Stuff's Lucy Hedges chats about tech news on BBC Radio 6 Music today

Tune in at 11:10am for the latest from the world of gadgets and tech

Tune into BBC Radio 6 Music at 11:10am today for the very latest news from the tech world, delivered straight to your ears by Stuff's own Lucy Hedges.

You'll know Lucy from her gadget-packed Stuff videos – but today she's taking to the airwaves to give you your fill of the latest tech news.

Fly to space with Bitcoins, clever wigs and Polaroid cameras

This week Lucy's turning her attention to space, or more specifically, Virgin Galactic's announcement that it'll accept Bitcoins as payment to leave our planet behind.

In slightly weirder news, a Sony patent for a smart wig which vibrates when you get a message has been revealed. Take that smartwatches.

Lucy will also be looking at Lockwatch, an anti-theft app which snaps photos and tags its GPS location when the pass code as been entered incorrectly multiple times.

And finally, for a dash of nostalgia, Lucy will be chatting about The Impossible Project's noble efforts to refurbish original Polaroid cameras and sell them back to enthusiasts and hipsters alike.

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