Stuff's FREE iPad Gift Guide is out now!

It's a cavern of Christmas wonders

If being bored and annoyed was a sport, Christmas shopping would be its Olympics. The 100 metre queue, competitive parking, the 400 metre queue, the triple grump: we're getting tired just thinking about it.

If only there was some way you could sit down, have a nice cup of tea and have Stuff's experts hand-pick the year's finest presents for you, using some sort of clever iPad app. If only something like that existed

Wait a minute, that thing does exist

By the elf-cakes of Finland, you're right! As a matter of fact, we have spent months planning the world's most entertaining Xmas gift guide, boiling down hundreds of suggestions into 136 perfect picks. 

We've also taken pictures of them on an enormous amount of Lego, which looks nice. Just look at all that Lego.

And there's free stuff

There is quite literally free Stuff: download our free gift guide from the App Store and you'll get a free taste of the best of Stuff's digital magazine, from cars that go 1000mph to turntables that go 33rpm to beautiful design features. 

There's also free stuff: see the app for details on how to enter our mammoth competition to win over £6,500 in amazing Xmas loot.