Stuff unleashes two iPad apps

The best apps come to those who wait – and we're giving them away

You wait ages for a Stuff iPad app and then two come at once. Always the way, eh? Well, perhaps just this time, because we're proud to announce the first ever Stuff iPad apps.

Stuff DNA is available on iTunes now, priced just £1.19. A second, called Stuff Live, will launch in mid-January, and be absolutely free.

Stuff DNA, which has been exclusively written and designed for iPad, examines ten of the greatest gadgets ever and how their geeky genes can be traced to the hottest gadgets of this year.

It does so using Stuff’s trademark stunning photography and snappy writing, as well as the videos, graphs and interactive features that you’d expect from an iPad app.

Stuff Live, as the name suggests, gives us the opportunity to send images straight to your iPad, be it live from the launch of a hot new gadget, or teasers of features from the latest issue.

Fraser Macdonald, editor-in-chief, said: “Stuff DNA and Stuff Live are the result of a lot of thought and research into how we can best translate Stuff onto the iPad. Rather than haphazardly shoe-horning magazine features into a new format, we decided to create custom apps, with unique and original content.

“It’s another example of Stuff innovating, and never imitating.”

To get the ball rolling, we're also giving away 30 apps in an exclusive competition. You can find out how to enter here. Good luck!

Enjoy Stuff DNA and Stuff Live and watch out for more custom-created Stuff iPad apps in early 2011.

Questions? Email Meanwhile, head off to the App Store to pick up an app now.