Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 9/11/12

Windows Phone 8 hits the shops, Bentley sticks an office in its cars and Nokia takes its apps to the extreme. Just another Office Cat Diary, then

Bentley executive office car

Naturally, Office Cat has a chauffeur – and now he can take his office on the road, with this Executive Interior for the new Bentley Mulsanne. Two iPads for Angry Birds Star Wars? Check. Wireless keyboards for pretending you're working? Check. Wi-Fi hotspot so you can temporarily wave goodbye to 3G? Check. Still not tempted? Then perhaps a 15.6in HD display connected to an Apple Mac Mini will change your incredibly cynical mind. Onward, Parker.

Source: PSFK

Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 hit the shops

After some confusion caused by giving journalists the wrong date and a touch of postponement, the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 have arrived for your consumption – if you are happy to hop on the EE network. That means you can get your paws, sorry, hands on some of that Windows Phone 8 goodness. The flagship Lumia 920 won't cheap, though – prices start at £36 a month over two years plus an upfront cost of £130 for the handset. For the same money but without paying for the handset you can get the mid-range Lumia 820 instead. £36 gets you 500MB of data and unlimited data and texts. Data hungry 4G lovers can opt for the £56 package, which includes 8GB of data to waste on games and apps.

Source: Mobile News

HTC 8X lands at Three

On the very interesting subject of Windows Phone 8, Office Cat is pleased to note that the HTC 8X and its equally bright exterior casing, has landed at Three. Available online or in Three shops across the UK, the HTC 8X can be yours from £29 a month over two years, with the device itself costing £30 on the Ultimate Internet 500 plan. Not tempted enough? Well, Three is throwing in a free copy of Windows 8 Pro so you can update your computer or laptop with Microsoft's latest operating system. If you'd prefer to stick with pay as you go, the HTC 8X costs £350 plus the cost of one top-up.

Source: Three

World of Red Bull app hits the Nokia smartphones

Office Cat enjoys a bit of extreme sports – well, he always lands on his feet, after all. So he's chuffed to see the World of Red Bull app for Nokia Windows Phones – a comprehensive slice of information that keeps you informed of all the goings-on in the extreme sports world. With a few swipes and presses you can find out the latest news on your favourite star, watch related videos, check out forthcoming events and catch up on interviews with the pros. You can even use the app to add a lock screen image and share content via NFC if you have one of the shiny new Nokia Lumias, all for free.

Source: Nokia

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