Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 7/11/12

The Cat considers the day's smaller stories, from Microsoft Office on iOS to high-end headphones

A rival for GoPro? The freshly-announced Drift HD Ghost (£300, available for pre-order at aims to knock other action cams off their perch with its two-way remote (you wear an LED that tells you if the camera is recording or not, and if so in which mode – handy if it’s strapped to your head), 2-inch Gorilla Glass screen and built-in Wi-Fi, which works in tandem with an iOS (and later Android) app to let you tweak settings etc. It’s also waterproof to 3m and yadda yadda yadda… Office Cat wonders when they’ll finally make an action camera able to survive the rigours of a litter tray.

Drift HD Ghost action cam skydives in

Want to diddle around in Excel on your iPhone? Then get happy: according to reports, Microsoft Office is definitely heading to iOS and will do so from February or March 2013. It’ll come as free apps allowing you to view docs, but you’ll need to pay an Office 365 subscription if you want to edit them. Oh, and Android users, don’t feel too left out: it’s supposedly coming to you in May 2013.

Source: The Verge

Microsoft Office “coming to iOS in early 2013”, Android later

Due to being a high-functioning catnip addict, Office Cat doesn’t have a huge amount of cash lying around. So he’s happy to hear that Aves’ new range of DAB+ radios start at the low, low price of £40. The Brit company’s eight-strong new range features everything from a radio alarm clock to a sleek piano-black tabletop stereo model.

Musical Fidelity has outed a new set of high-end earbud headph– sorry, in-ear monitors, the EB-50. Priced at a princely £150, they offer a top class construction and are designed to reproduce music as the artist intended. Office Cat doesn’t care: no matter how many different earbuds are included in the box, none of them will stay in his lugholes.

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