Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 30/10/12

BBC iPlayer hits Sky and Google mashes the update button. Click on through for the full-fat version of Office Cat's Diary

iPlayer lands on Sky+

It's that nippy time of year when Office Cat would rather curl up in front of a radiator and watch his favourite programmes than venture into the icy wet gardens of British winter. Luckily for him, BBC iPlayer has hit Sky+'s on demand programme guide, offering the likes of Doctor Who, Strictly Come Dancing and Eastenders. Only one of which Office Cat would choose to watch. Can you guess which one?

Google Now updated

Google's Search app for Jelly Bean devices has gotten a whole lot cleverer in Google Now's latest update, which allows it to integrate with your Gmail account to track packages and see flights, hotel and restaurant reservations. Movie listings for nearby cinemas are also included in the update, as are listings for local bands and points of interest.

Source: Google

StumbleUpon hits Windows 8

Waste time even more efficiently in the brand new world of Windows 8 thanks to StumbleUpon's newly released app – which supports full screen procrastination, sharing options and slick multitasking which lets you at least try to be productive in other apps while browsing the millions of distractions offered by the internet.

Google brings the fight to iTunes

In yet another update, Google has delivered a swift gut punch to iTunes Match by letting you store all of your music in the cloud for free. The shiny new Google Play Music service will utilise a Scan and Match feature to sift through your library before uploading it to the big G's servers in the sky. Up to 20,000 songs can be stored online and played back on any interweb-connected device. Did Office Cat mention that this is completely free? Because it is. EU users can also finally buy music via the Google Play store for the first time, once the service goes live on November 13th.

Source: TechRadar

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