Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 30/08/12

Sifteo's Cubes get an update and Samsung sends out a custom Galaxy S3 to a fan – Office Cat rounds up the day's news

Remember Sifteo's Cubes? A year after they went on sale, the interactive gaming blocks have been overhauled – the screen resolution has been boosted, and you can now link up to 12 Cubes together. The Cubes also come complete with a wireless Sifteo Base unit with built-in speaker, freeing you from the need to link your Cubes up to a computer to play. Office Cat finds that a ball of string is entertainment enough, but he's willing to give Sifteo's Cubes a try – the Sifteo Base plus three Cubes will set you back US$130, while each additional Cube will cost US$30.

Source: Engadget

Office Cat has been slinking around the floor at IFA – and found out that GPS giant TomTom is planning to overhaul its iOS app. With a new Android app due out in October – which uses the same UI as its standalone GPS units – TomTom's mulling over bringing the same UI to iPhone users, and binning Apple's stock UI plugins. Of course, since TomTom will be powering Apple's iOS 6 Maps application by then, it'll have to bring something new to the table…

Sifteo builds on its Cubes

Office Cat has been eagerly awaiting the Paralympics – and with the Wheelchair Basketball starting today, the ParalympicsGB team has revealed the tech behind their customised wheelchairs. The RGK Elite chairs are kitted out with custom-moulded seats – designed by a team including BMW, Contuour886 and BAE Systems – that give ParalympicsGB players increased agility, speed and the ability to right themselves more quickly when they're knocked over. Although the women's team lost their first game against the Netherlands today, the men's Wheelchair Basketball team starts their campaign tonight, taking on Germany at 7pm – hopefully their new chairs will give them the edge.

Want a Samsung Galaxy S3? Try sending them a doodle. Back in May, Canadian Samsung fan Shane Bennett sent Samsung Canada a drawing of a dragon, asking for a free Galaxy S3 in return. After initially placating him with a drawing of a kangaroo riding a unicycle, Samsung Canada obliged, sending Shane a free Galaxy S3 printed with his dragon design. Something tells Office Cat that Samsung will be receiving a lot of unsolicited artwork…

Source: Reddit

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