Stuff Office Cat's Diary 30/07/12

Water-walking microrobots, a secret HP tablet and the unleashing of a cat-tormenting projector phone? It can only be Stuff Office Cat's diary

Office Cat's eyes might trounce your puny night vision but his peepers don't fare as well in daylight, which is why Google's hi-res update to Google Maps and Google Earth are a welcome addition indeed. 25 cities and 72 countries including the Olympic Park in London have been given the visual boost, so feel free to take your eyes for a spin.

[Source: Google Lat Long Blog]

Google Maps gets a hi-res facelift

HP seems to have inadvertently leaked an upcoming tablet in a new YouTube advert. Although only the back of the tablet is shown, it appears to be an iPad-like affair with a HP emblazoned logo and a black strip which can only be geared towards better wireless – possibly 3G – connectivity. Being a skeptical feline, Office Cat can't help but think it's just a mockup – but with the Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 hitting shelves on October 26th, the possibility of a new HP slate has his whiskers twitching.

[Source: Pocket-Lint]

HP tablet leaked online

Samsung tells Office Cat that UK projector-philes can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Beam from today. Office Cat hopes that new Beam owners will refrain from confusing their pets with projected images and videos. The red laser dots were bad enough. You monsters.

Samsung Galaxy Beam released in UK

While Office Cat personally thinks that scientists have more pressing matters (like automatic food dispensers) to attend to, he still accepts that a ten-legged microrobot which can walk on water is a pretty impressive achievement. Now then, about that food dispenser…

[Source: Gizmag]

Science creates water-walking microrobot

If your iPhone isn't quite ravey enough for you, this Kickstarter case might be right up your neon-cloured street. Using the existing LED, the FLASHr case lights up your iPhone like a Christmas tree on steroids whenever you get a new notification. All well and good, as long as it doesn't interfere with Office Cat's crucial afternoon siesta. He gets rather cranky when disturbed.

[Source: Kickstarter via Core77]

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