Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 29/11/12

A new GTA: Vice City trailer, adaptive car dashboard displays and 3D printed moon dust tools catch Office Cat’s eye today

GTA: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition new trailer

Getting tools to the moon is no mean feat for NASA – so it’s found a way of 3D printing kit using moon dust. Using replicated materials nearly identical to moon dust, scientist were able to use a big laser to melt it for use as a 3D printing material. NASA reckons this space printer will be ideal for more efficient future missions to our dear old moon – here’s hoping this is the start of off-world colonisation.

Source: Wired

Adaptive dashboard


Volvo's taken a leaf out of Knight Rider's book with its new V40 – the car's dashboard offers up three different modes depending on your driving style – switching between different information clusters on the fly. You can pick from Elegance mode for simplicity, Eco for fuel saving information, and Performance for the speed demons. It’s almost cool enough to make Office Cat get his licence. Then he remembers: some were born to drive, some were born to be driven.

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