Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 28/09/12

Bonfire boxes, robot art and – finally – some good tidings from the world of maps. Office Cat rounds up the day’s news

Paint it slack: the robot that makes sleep into art

If there’s one thing better than a good kip, it’s waking up to a find a masterpiece in your bedroom. That’s why Office Cat’s checking into an Ibis hotel, where selected rooms come with a robot that’ll paint his nighttime movements as he kips.

Source: Ibis (via Engadget)

Disappearing chips

Normally, Office Cat champions durable technologies, but on this occasion he’s willing to make an exception. Scientists have created biodegradeable circuitry that can be used in future medical applications and for monitoring geographical phenomena. Hopefully, the new technology won’t make it into your next TV.

Source: Science (via The Verge)

Fire in the… box?

There’s nothing like a bonfire for that authentic whiff of autumn, but the health and safety bods tell Office Cat he’s not allowed to start a fire at Stuff HQ. Perhaps they’ll be more lenient if he strikes up a stick of Campfire Cologne: it’s a bonfire in a box.

Source: Campfire Cologne (via Uncrate)

Google Maps updated

Recently, there hasn’t been much good news in the mapping community, so Office Cat is pleased to be able to report good tidings from Google, which is adding hi-res aerial and satellite imagery of 17 cities and 112 other areas, plus 45 degree photography of 51 cities including Pisa, and its famously skewed tower.

Source: Google Lat Long (via Engadget)

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