Stuff Office Cat's Diary (28/08/12)

Take a stroll with Garmin's new GPS watch, go skiing with a jetpack, and build a house in Skyrim – all in a day's work for Office Cat

Office Cat always takes an evening stroll – to mark his territory, you understand – but this new Garmin Forerunner 10 watch could save him a lot of effort in mapping his midnight ramblings. It's the company's lightest GPS watch, tracking time, distance, calories and pace – and it comes in black, green and a rather fetching pink, if you want to accessorise. It'll cost US$130 when it's released later this year.

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Garmin launches entry-level Forerunner 10 GPS watch

Office Cat is pleased to see that innovators are moving ever closer to the goal of putting a jetpack in every home – it's Space Year 2012, we should all be flying around like Sean Connery in Thunderball by now. The latest person to strap an jet engine to his back is aerial stuntman Troy Hartman – and he's reaching for the skis rather than the skies, as you can see from the video above.

Venerable news organ The Wall Street Journal is getting down with the kids with that most modern phenomenon – a pop-up cafe. The Tech Café will open in The Book Club, in London's hipster mecca of Shoreditch, and will host events with movers and shakers from the likes of Google, Facebook and BERG.  It runs from September 12th to September 14th, and it's free to members of the public – you can register here. Office Cat will be sticking his nose around the door – come and say hello.

Instead of striding across the land as an armour-clad barbarian, some Skyrim players would clearly rather tend a vegetable patch and add a conservatory to their mead hall. Well, with the Hearthfire DLC, available September 4th on Xbox Live, you can. The new add-on will let you design and build your own home in the world of Skyrim, adding mod-cons like an alchemy lab and a sound system. Well, a bard. Office Cat is house-proud, but this is ridiculous.

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