Stuff Office Cat’s Diary 27/7/12

With a paid ITV player, Yoda getting cabs, and Twitter airing TV to write about, poor Office Cat’s nap-time is barely 18 hours today

Yoda is back riding with Vodafone

Like a very painful accident you can’t help but watch, Yoda is once again hawking mobiles for Vodafone – and Office Cat’s taking a break from watching his feline friends on YouTube to check it out. This time Yoda is in one of Vodafone’s London black cabs, which are conveniently kitted out with charging stations for nearly all mobiles. Office Cat reckons Yoda will be suffering seven years' bad luck for turning on his lightsaber inside.

[Watch on YouTube]

Twitter reality TV show

Office Cat loves curling up on the sofa to watch a bit of cheesy TV – so rumours that Twitter is considering dipping its toes into the world of reality TV are intriguing. Reports are suggesting that Twitter's planning to stream a new reality TV show on its own site, paid for by advertising.

[Source: Mashable]

Pay version of ITV Player incoming

A pay per view ITV Player has just been tested in 5,000 homes and will launch this autumn. Office Cat’s got a lot of time on his paws and likes the idea of 1,000 hours of archived TV and film content – but he won’t be switching from Sheba to Tesco Value cat food if it’s too pricey.

[Source: Guardian]

Android hacking

Office Cat has yet to find a use for the NFC tech in his phone – but hackers have. At the recent Black Hat convention in Las Vegas, one clever hacker was able to tap a phone using the Beam NFC function, which instantly downloads beamed files, and expose weaknesses to hijack the handset. So unless you want to pay for more than you bargained for using your phone's NFC tech, it might be an idea to switch it off when you're not using it.

[Source: BBC]

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