Stuff Office Cat's diary – 27/11/12

Cooking tablets, Wii U midnight launch and sneaky spy cams grace the pages of today's feline musings

Eye Spy

Office Cat is no guard dog, but even he see the merits of this electronic peep hole – complete with a 3.2in colour screen, night mode and recordable memory. Perfect for paranoid gadgeteers who owe the wrong type of people a lot of money. Check out Yale's Digital Door Viewers for more info.

Are U ready?

Office Cat's highly sensitive (not to mention very handsome) ears have picked up whisperings of a Nintendo Wii U launch event taking place at HMV Oxford Street at midnight on Thursday November 29th. Doors open at 11pm and the first 100 customers will receive New Super Mario Bros U and another game of their choice for free. OfficeCat might see you there, amongst the Nintendo fanboy mayhem.

Ready steady QOOQ

It took office Cat a few readings to see the QOOQ-Cook connection, but once he got past the quirky name he quite liked the look of the first tablet that's made for the kitchen. It comes pre-loaded with 1000 multimedia recipes, ingredient fact sheets and meal planning tools – and additional recipes available to purchase from a catalogue of over 4000 offerings. The ideal way to pack in even more calories this Christmas. £290 from if you're interested.

Shopaholics rejoice

Grazia's new iPad edition will let online shopping addicts buy products featured in the mag, instantly and hassle free. Hear that? That's the sound of millions of impulse purchasers weeping with relief (and agony).

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