Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 26/09/12

Browser overload, the Google Play goldrush and panoramic lunch all get Office Cat’s whiskers twitching in today’s news roundup

Samsung working on its own browser

Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Dolphin… if there’s one thing Office Cat thinks there are quite enough of it’s internet browsers. So he’s surprised to hear that Samsung might be working on its own web portal for future Galaxy devices. Have they learned nothing from watching the Apple Maps debacle? Office Cat suspects they were too busy laughing.

Source: CNET

Google Play celebrates 25bn app downloads

Google’s dropped a blog post this morning announcing its 25 billionth app download from Google Play (population: 675,000). Bravo, says Office Cat, but what he’s really interested in is whether the celebratory 25c apps Google’s offering for the next five days will be available outside the US. The post is on the UK site, so he can only hope.

Source: Android Official Blog

Battle for Hoth recreated in Minecraft

Office Cat has plenty of spare time, but not enough to warrant spending two months building the sets for a Star Wars recreation in Minecraft, unlike the creator of the above video. If you’ve got six minutes to spare, it’s worth a watch. Then make a list of all the more productive things you could do with the time.

Source: Kotaku

Carphone Warehouse has been in touch to say that the iPhone 5 marks its greatest sales boost of accessories ever. Office Cat wonders if it’s the popularity of Apple’s new phone that’s ringing tills at CPW’s accessories counter or if it’s that easily-scratched paintwork on the new iPhone.

Panoramic fish from Google

Office Cat doesn’t like getting wet. He is, however, inordinately fond of fish, so Google’s addition of underwater panoramas in Maps is music to his eyes. It’s like an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet in there. Anyone know where a cat can pick up a dry suit?

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