Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 26/07/12

Stuff's resident feline hunts for the ultimate sushi bar and wants to share his photography with you. Take a look won't you? He'll be offended otherwise.

Razer unleashes new gaming keyboard and mouse

Office Cat isn't one for cheesy mouse puns so all he'll say about Razer's new wireless Ouroboros mouse is that it looks stunning and should be comfortable enough to fit a multitude of paws/hands, thanks to its highly customisable body. The Black Widow Ultimate 2013 gaming keyboard's mechanical keys and green backlighting will also please hardcore fraggers, though only after Office Cat's finished lying across it of course.

Source: Kotaku

Tivoli Audio's bunch of fives

Tivoli Audio has announced five – yes, five! – new products. Office Cat counts two Bluetooth radios (the Model One BT and PAL BT) a new Radio app, a Bluetooth receiver and a noise cancelling headset among them. Nice.

James Dyson Awards coming to a close

The James Dyson Award organisers have asked Office Cat to remind budding young inventors there's only one more week in which to submit their ingenious ideas for a chance at winning a tasty £10,000 for themselves and their universities. Might Office Cat recommend an automatic head scratcher? He's been rather neglected as of late.

Office Cat was out on the town last night taking arty shots with director and photographer Poppy de Villeneuve as part of HTC's #duskuntildawn photography event. His beautifully composed shot Cat's Eye View (above) is clearly a photographic masterpiece, and he's announcing his availability for freelance work, effective immediately.

Time Out London iPad app released

Office Cat is always on the prowl for new and exciting sushi joints, cocktail bars and karaoke establishments, which is why he's glad to see that Time Out London now has an iPad app. Now if you'll excuse him, he's off to search for a hidden open-mic sushi cocktail bar near Teddington – the holy grail of after-work feline entertainment.

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