Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 26/03/13

A new BBC Two HD channel, Google+ GIFs, and Logitech iPad Mini keyboard cases all get a brush of the whiskers in today's news round-up

RIP BBC HD, hello BBC Two HD

Gone are the days of BBC HD, with its odd schedule and sparsely populated timetable of shows. Now is the time of BBC Two HD – which appeared in its place this morning, and will broadcast all day and most of the night, simulcasting HD shows with BBC Two. Office Cat is looking forward to his evening dose of QI and Jools Holland.

Source: Pocket-Lint

Animated GIFs can now be used as your profile picture on Google+. Take that, Facebook. Office Cat has a tough few days ahead trawling through his collection of cat GIFs.

Source: Engadget

Logitech launches iPad Mini keyboard case

Having turned the iPad into a Transformer Prime rival with its keyboard case, Logitech's launching a version for iPad Mini users. The Keyboard Folio is a Bluetooth connected keyboard case that comes in two versions for the iPad and iPad Mini. While Office Cat's wee paw pads are ideally suited to the iPad Mini Keyboard Folio, sausage-fingered gadgeteers will probably want to try before buying. £70 will net you the Keyboard Folio case on its release in May.

Become Iron Man

To Soho, where Marvel Studios today showed off its Become Iron Man experience to assembled hacks. The AR booth uses Kinect to let you don the Iron Man armour, encouraging you to dance, zap targets with your repulsors and shoot targets. The experience will be touring the UK and Ireland throughout March and April – check for details of when and where it'll be appearing. Office Cat would like to point out that he's every bit as suave as Robert Downey Jr, and considerably cheaper. If, you know, Marvel's looking for someone else to don the suit for Avengers 2.

4oD lands on Samsung Smart TVs

Channel 4's video on demand service 4oD is now available as an app on the Samsung Smart TV App Store - so now you can watch the likes of Shameless, Grand Designs and Hollyoaks on catch-up. You can also use the 4oD app on your giant smart TV screen to watch Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker's cautionary series about technology's intrusive impact on every aspect of our lives. If you're feeling particularly perverse.

Amazon Studios greenlights Zombieland pilot for LoveFilm

Following hot on the heels of Netflix's House of Cards, rival streaming media service LoveFilm is getting into original programming, with Zombieland – an adaptation of the horror-comedy movie. Unlike Netflix, LoveFilm isn't committing to a full-season order upfront – Zombieland is one of 13 pilot episodes aiming to win over enough viewers to secure a full run of episodes. And you, dear reader, get to help choose which shows will succeed – you'll be able to view them on Amazon Instant Video and LoveFilm, and leave feedback on them.

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