Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 26/02/13

Office Cat prowls the corners of the internet for the latest news

LG buys HP webOS to put in smart TVs

LG has made a deal with HP to buy its webOS software for use in its own smart TVs. webOS began life as Palm's smartphone and tablet operating system, before HP bought it up in 2010. The new deal gives LG the HP webOS source code, documentation, websites and engineering team. The move is intended to boost LG's use of internet services in its consumer electronics, so even if you're not seeing webOS on top, it'll likely be pulling the strings in there somewhere. Truly, it has more lives than Office Cat.

Apple gives iTunes credit to parents

Like many parents, Office Cat frets about just how much the Office Kittens are spending on in-app purchases. Following a lawsuit brought by concerned parents against Apple in 2011, Apple is set to pay out US$5 iTunes credit to those whose kids have bought in-app purchases without parental permission – and for claims of amounts over US$30, it'll offer cash refunds.

Source: GigaOM

HMV price cuts tempt our wallets

HMV has been making the rounds on Hot UK Deals with various members finding some great tech bargains at remaining stores. Tasty examples include Sennheiser Momentum headphones which are down from £260 to £130, a 16GB iPad Mini for £173 and a 32GB Google Nexus 7 for £160.

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