Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 25/09/12

Tweet for your lunch, get into new MySpace, put an ostrich on your head – all thanks to a certain cat's findings

Makerbot Replicator 2

Office Cat has broken his food bowl several times and his Makerbot 3D printer has been a dinner-saver. So the new version that offers three speeds at varying layer densities and a 37 per cent size increase on its predecessor – meaning bigger food bowls for Office Cat – is a winner.

Source: Makerbot

World’s first tweet shop opens

In the Special K tweet shop, you pay for its new crisp range with tweets. The idea is to spread the word about Kellogg's move into crisps by getting the public to tweet it, and paying them in crisps. Office Cat, who's quite willing to work for food, will be heading to London’s Meard Street (in Soho) before 5pm on Friday for his tweet-bought Special K Cracker Crisps.

New MySpace

Can MySpace make a comeback? Office Cat hasn't accessed his account since it was the go-to social spot on the internet (and that shows his age). But now the music-centric social pioneer is back with a totally rebuilt site, replete with a tile-based layout and extra Justin Timberlake. It's doubtful Facebook's quivering in fear, but the slick new look of a well-branded rival isn't going to do its tumbling share price any favours.

Sky Catch Up incoming

Sure, smart TVs, computers, tablets and phones already let you watch catch up offerings like BBC iPlayer, 4oD and the like – but now Sky is getting involved. Sky Catch Up will mean a seven day catch up service that lets you watch missed shows over your broadband connection directly through your Sky box on your big screen. But Office Cat's a little bit ticked off that he'll have to wait until 2013 before all the terrestrial broadcasters are on board – it'll only launch with Demand 5 and ITV Player on board.

Ostrich pillow

Comfort and giant birds are both things Office Cat loves – but this Ostrich pillow is leaving him emotionally baffled. While it does look very comfortable and functional in some ways, he imagines it’s like sticking a Mug Me sign to your head if used in public. But the users of Kickstarter seem to love it, with over US$34,000 pledged so far.

Source: DeZeen

Toyota Human Support Robot

While robots may unnerve Office Cat, this robot slave from Toyota reminds him too much of R2-D2 to worry him. The 2.7 foot robot, that grows to 4.3 feet, and can scoot about at nearly 2mph, has an arm able to carry out your bidding including picking up, opening, and tidying away all sorts. It might be basic now but Office Cat plans to paint his new 'bot blue and silver and install a beepy speech program as soon as it arrives.

Source: Gizmodo

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