Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 25/07/12

Office Cat welcomes a new Wi-Fi compact from Fujifilm and gets Google to do his trigonometry

Office Cat simply cannot stand it when a compact camera slips out of its carry case onto the pavement and all his sports photography is lost. Lucky then that the FinePix F800EXR joins the Wi-Fi enabled Samsung WB150F and Panasonic Lumix SZ5 for speedy uploads to the cloud. Office Cat applauds the 20x optical zoom lens and 0.16 second AF that join the Wi-Fi skills on this 16MP camera.

Fujifilm joins the Wi-Fi brigade

What's an Office Cat to do when PlayStation rudely decides to schedule essential maintenance to PSN tomorrow? Sign in just before 4pm GMT so he can still play online while they're tinkering away at the PlayStation Store, account management and registration, that's what. The inconvenience will only bother Office Cat and other hardcore gamers until 8am on Friday.

Source: PlayStation Blog via engadget

Nintendo dropped Office Cat a line with its financial results to peruse after he'd finished staring wide-eyed at the news that Apple sold 17m iPads in three months (via his Google Nexus 7 screen, naturally). The 3DS didn't do too badly, selling nearly 2m, but with all eyes on the Wii U, no-one's buying a Wii anymore. Games are still selling by the bucketload – Office Cat is glad Mario's still got his mojo.

PlayStation Network to go down tomorrow

Google wants to entangle Office Cat in its search engine and never let it go – now when he types in a maths question (lazy) Office Cat not only gets the answer but also a 34 button calculator for any further problems he might encounter. Excellent news, as he keeps tripping over his abacus.

Source: The Verge

Office Cat likes a good spat and the one between USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt is heating up – soon we'll all be charging even more of our gadgets, like laptops, via USB thanks to a new 100W Power Delivery spec which is ten times Thunderbolt's pitiful 10W. Fight on chaps.

Source: engadget

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