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Stuff Office Cat’s Diary 25/04/13

Fighter plane sticks, crazy wide monitors and a virtual tour of the Tate Modern? Office Cat's been a busy little fellow today

Philips kills black bars with new 21:9 monitor

Those of you who hate watching movies with black bars take note. Philips’ new 298P4QJEB monitor has a rather unusual 21:9 aspect ratio with a 2560×1080 resolution to ensure that not a single pixel of screen real-estate is wasted during movie playback. Office Cat supposes it’ll be useful for productivity too, not that he ever concerns himself with such things..

Take a virtual tour of the Tate Modern

Office Cat has been known to dabble in a gallery viewing or two every now and then, but now he won’t have to leave the comfort of his fluffy bed to culture himself. Roy Lichtenstein fans can take a virtual stroll around the Tate Modern’s exhibition with a Twitter tour – #TateTour – from 6pm today (Thursday 25th of April) to get in on the action. Follow @Tate and ogle away.

Monster and Hublot combine to create headphones

Monster and Hublot have combined forces to create the carbon fibre Hublot Inspiration over-ear headphones. With a staggering £1,750 price tag and premium build, Office Cat expects the inevitable Rolex Beats by Dre – Drolex, if you will – to follow suit.

Thrustmaster outs £230 HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick

Those of you who take your flight simulators rather… seriously, might be interested in Thrustmaster’s £230 offering which is an accurate replica of an A-10C attack aircraft flight stick, or so Office Cat is told. Nestled among the comprehensive spec sheet are scary sounding terms like ’16-bit resolution with 65,536 x 65,536 values’, which Office Cat assumes is a desirable trait for such a device.

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