Stuff Office Cat's Diary 24/10/12

How to dunk your iPad Mini into a bath, and other assorted tech news. Office Cat's diary strikes again

iPad mini hits the waves

The iPad Mini is barely a day old and the list of iPad Mini cases is growing exponentially. The latest case to infiltrate Office Cat's inbox is this waterproof offering by Overboard, which promises to offer 100% protection in up to six metres of water, for £28. Gnarly. Or whatever it is that surfers are saying nowadays.

BFI app hits Sammy's tellies

Film junkies with a Samsung Smart TV will be happy to hear that a British Film Institute app featuring content from the 56th London Film Festival has landed on all clever Sammy tellies dating back to 2011. With trailers, interviews and (in a future update) footage from the BFI's archives all present and accounted for, all you'll need is a comfy chair and some popcorn to munch away on.

Two screens are better than one

Zeebox has updated its Android app with two-way remote control functionality, letting Sky+ and TiVo viewers change channel via the app's integrated TV guide and channel selector. It's also clever enough to tell which channel you've switched to with a traditional remote and offers extra info on whatever you or your friends are watching, be it Strictly Come Prancing or that X Factor thing that people are constantly going on about. iOS users can expect a similar update in the next 60 days.

Farewell analogue

The UK's digital switchover is complete at last thanks to the termination of the final transmitter in Belfast last night. The way is now paved for widespread 4G coverage, thanks to the newly freed up space in the airwaves. Vodafone and O2 will undoubtedly step in to snap up the now vacant bands while EE looks ahead to its October 30th launch. Office Cat urges you to take a moment's silence for the trusty analogue service which has served us well for 70 years. Farewell...

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