Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 24/07/12

Fujitsu’s snooze phone, Microsoft gets picky and the ultimate in Iranian heavy metal hacking. Office Cat peruses the dailies

Fujitsu REGZA T-02D snooze phone

Finally Office Cat’s cries have been heard, and Fujitsu has launched the 13.1MP REGZA T-02 smartphone. It’s not the massive camera sensor that appeals, though, rather the ability to measure sleep patterns, including duration, movement and snoring (Office Cat hopes his contented purring won’t be misunderstood). Sadly, it’s only launching in Japan.

Source: designboom

Nokia buys Scalado

If there’s one phone that can outclip the Fujitsu on camera smarts, it’s Nokia’s 41MP Pureview 808. And the Finnish phone maker has just bought Scalado, a company with more photographic tricks up its lens barrel than Office Cat has whiskers. Soon Nokia could be offering nifty tricks like object removal on its phones. Too little too late? Or a stitch in time?

Windows gets picky about tablet makers

Microsoft’s getting picky, and Office Cat can sympathise with that. Rather than letting all and sundry make Windows RT tablets, it’s thining the field to Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung and HP (or perhaps Dell). Poor old Acer and Sony seem to have been left out in the cold, then.

Source: China Times (via Engadget)

Chatting on Skype’s nearly as old as the internet, but Slate has an interesting article saying things aren’t quite as peachy in the security department since Microsoft bought it, suggesting the company has opened a doorway to “lawful interception” on the VoIP service. Office Cat is saying nothing, at least not on Skype.

Source: Slate

Iran’s AC/DC computer virus

Nuclear scientists in Iran have allegedly been exposed to blasts of heavy rock, courtesy of AC/DC and some anti-nuke hackers. The worm is said to have played Thunderstruck with “the volume maxed out” at two nuclear facilities in the country. For those about to rock, Office Cat salutes you.

Source: Gawker (via Classic Rock)

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