Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 23/10/12

Bond in 140 characters, streaming music for only £2, and Nokia’s Lumia 510 – Office Cat investigates

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse

That’s the title of the new Family Guy game due out on November 23rd. Office Cat likes the idea of the multiplayer mode that will let him blast Brian the dog into oblivion while enjoying Family Guy jokes and cameos throughout.

Unlimited music steaming for £2

Office Cat can't resist a bargain – like unlimited ad-free access to over 18 million songs for £2 per month. That's the introductory offer from RaRa music streaming. Nothing lasts forever, though. That price will only hold for your first three months, then it's up to a fiver.

Bond Mini

As Bond fever grips the world, Young Bond author Charlie Higson is condensing all of Ian Flemming's Bond books into 140 character tweets. Starting today with Casino Royale he will tweet daily from @monstroso with the summaries. Office Cat offers you up the first as a taster: “007 burns SMERSH paymaster in casino who takes revenge with carpet beater to manhood. Double agent Vesper gives Bond TLC & walks into ocean.” Very succint, Mr Higson.

Nokia Lumia 510

Office Cat's rather fond of Nokia's new wares, and he's pleased to see more multihued devices announced, even if they're not a patch on the Lumia 920. The Lumia 510 has a 4in screen, Windows Phone OS, a Snapdragon processor, 5MP snapper and a budget friendly US$200 price.

Source: Nokia

Ion Air Pro Wi-Fi camera

Office Cat doesn't do thrill-seeking, but if he did – and wanted to capture it for posterity – he'd certainly be looking into Ion's new Air Pro Wi-Fi, an HD bullet-form sports cam that wirelessly uploads your 1080p videos and 5MP stills to Facebook and YouTube instantly, via your phone, for £300.

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