Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 23/08/12

A typewriter for your iPad, a US$50,000 NES game, and a skateboard versus a sports car – Office Cat has all the things that are good

Office Cat likes his old Victrola, but it's a bit light on connectivity options. Fortunately, this iTypewriter has arrived to solve a problem that literally no one had. It's a landscape iPad dock that includes an old-fashioned, noisy typewriter keyboard – no Bluetooth connectivity here, it actually operates little hammers with conductive tips that tap out the keys on the iPad's on-screen keyboard. Just don't try to erase your mistakes with Tipp-Ex.

Source: Pocket-Lint


The weather's very changeable at the moment – how is Office Cat to regulate his temperature while riding about on his vintage motorcycle? That’s where this  All-Weather Motorcycle Helmet comes in – it heats and cools your noggin as you ride using an evaporative cooler powered by a solar panel to chill you and a heater built into the liner for the winter months. Sadly Kickstarter won’t allow the project on so Office Cat asks you to tweet the story in the hope it can find funding for mass production.

Source: Engadget

All weather motorcycle helmet

The idea of Livescribe, a pen that records your writing for uploading later, freaked out Office Cat. The IRIS Notes Express 2 and Executive 2 have gone one better – they don’t even need special paper like Livescribe, just a clip at the top of the sheet you’re writing on. They’ll record 100 pages and even have an adapter that connects directly to an iOS device. At a mere US$100 (£63), Office Cat will certainly be buying one. For his secretary.

Source: Engadget

Ever a fan of competition, Office Cat has found an electric skateboard racing a sports car. The Gnarboard Trail Rider can go from 0-28mph in 1.9 seconds, but the C5 Corvette has a 5.7L V8. Who you got?

Source: Gizmag

Pens that read your writing

Office Cat has sent many a speaker tumbling from his desktop because he can't resist playing with the wires – so these JBL Jembe Bluetooth enabled desktop speakers would save him a lot of expense. Not only do they look great and cost a mere £70, they pack in Harman TrueStream tech for top ear tickler technique.

Source: Engadget

Remember Final Fantasy II? Office Cat does, he’s been around forever. The game was never released outside Japan – but a US prototype NES cartridge has been put up for auction on eBay for a whopping US$50,000. Office Cat is rummaging through his loft in search of 8-bit rarities even as he speaks.

Source: CNET

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