Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 23/07/12

Google's Nexus 7 is so popular they've run out. Office Cat joins the tablet-hungry queue

Google runs out of 16GB Nexus 7 tablets

The question Office Cat gets asked most (after enquiries about his grooming regime) concerns tablets, specifically which one is best. Currently he thinks you can’t go far wrong with Google’s 8GB Nexus 7. Frankly, for £160 it doesn’t matter if don’t like it. However, it seems nine out of 10 cats on the other side of the Atlantic prefer the 16GB model, causing Google to run out of the more expensive tablet. As a result it’s yanked it from the Play Store. Office Cat stands by his recommendation.

Source: Slashgear (via Electricpig)

New electric air speed record set

There are times when it’s annoying to run out of battery. When you’re in mid-air, on an electric plane and travelling at 202mph, say. Office Cat notes with relief that Chip Yates – freshly back from setting that electric air speed record – had no such problems.

Source: Flight of the Century (via Engadget)

Ramadan Hangouts

Office Cat has long admired the fasting and feasting rituals during the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan. He’s now joined by Google, which is hosting some Iftar Hangouts on Google+ where chefs and doctors will be doling out recipes and healthy eating advice to Muslims. And cats.

Source: Google Blog

Jellied rats

On a less savoury note, scientists have managed to build an artificial jellyfish from rat cells. Office Cat appreciates the magnitude of the task, but questions how useful the ratty blob can be to Earth’s progress.

Source: Gizmodo