Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 23/04/13

Order pizza from your Xbox but beware of shared Netflix accounts – Office Cat has the lowdown

Pizza Hut delivered to Xbox Live

Pizza and gaming are a sweet combination, so when Office Cat heard Microsoft was adding a Pizza Hut app to the Xbox 360, it was only a surprise it'd taken so long. Now when is Netflix going to start streaming popcorn? Talking of which...

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Netflix may stop account sharing

Netflix's account sharing free-for-all may soon be at an end. At the moment, Netflix allows each account to stream to one machine at a time, meaning multiple users can share the movie goodness, if not simultaneously. But the recent addition of a family account for multiple users has led to speculation that the company will curb its film freedoms. Office Cat hopes it'll continue to focus on churning out brilliant original shows like House of Cards rather than stopping him piggybacking the neighbour's Netflix account.

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Xbox SmartGlass arrives on Kindle

Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass app is now available on the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD for fancy Xbox 360 navigation. Yes, it's that slow a news day...

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