Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 22/11/12

An upcoming beast from Bugatti and a nine year old girl arrested for piracy are some of the ingredients in today's feline news pie

Vroom vroom

Office Cat is a bit of a speed demon, so he's already got his driving gloves ready for the new Bugatti supercar. Set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next year, the 1,600hp mystery supercar – which could be another addition to the Veyron family – will be capable of hitting 0-60mph in a ridiculous 1.6 seconds. Office Cat cannot wait.

Source: Luxury Launches

A pirate's life

The war on online piracy has now reached the point where a nine year old girl's Winnie the Pooh-emblazoned laptop was taken during a Finnish police raid after torrent activity was detected at her house. All Office Cat did as a Office Kitten was chew on string and make sand castles in his litter box. How times have changed.

Source: Tech Crunch

Struck by Lightning

Griffin has popped its Lightning accessory cherry with the £20 PowerJolt SE – its first iThing compatible with the Apple's new 8-pin dock connector. The dongle will let you juice up your iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G, iPad 4 and iPad Mini while you're thundering along the open road in your Bugatti Veyron. Or, more likely, stuck on the M25 in your Ford Mondeo.

Sammy outs camcorder

Samsung has launched a new all-white 5MP camcorder with 720p video recording and 52x optical zoom. With a 2.7in display to keep track of the action and Sammy's Hyper DIS image stabilisation, even the most hyper of little Timmy's exploits can be recorded this Christmas. Keep an eye out for release and pricing info.

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