Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 22/10/12

What do an E Ink smartphone, a Bioshock trailer and Windows 8 have in common? They're all in Office Cat's diary

E Ink Android smartphone

Short smartphone battery life really grinds Office Cat’s gears. So, when he heard Chinese ebook manufacturer Onyx was developing an Android phone with a one-week battery life, he was instantly smitten. This one's only a prototype, but make it with colour E Ink and faster refresh rates and Office Cat will be first in line.

Source: AndroidOS

Bioshock Infinite trailer

If ever there was a game trailer to define steampunk, this is it. Office Cat is partial to a monocle, yet even he is blown away by the visuals of this otherworld adventure. Melting hands, spinning hook arms and Gatling guns have left his jaw considerably lowered.

Source: Guardian

PS3 Folding@home killed by Sony

Philanthropist, charity giver, lifesaver – Office Cat doesn’t like labels. But when using his PS3 with Folding@home – which crowdsourced processing power to help researchers cure diseases – Office Cat felt his philanthropic bones tingling. But with Sony shutting down its Life with Playstation section the PS3 can no longer be used. All's not lost, though. Office Cat will download the Folding@home app to his computer instead.

Source: TheVerge

Skype for Windows 8

If you’re a jetsetter, like Office Cat, and have many a friend in need of face to face chats all over the world, Skype is probably on your computer. So you’ll be pleased to know the updated chat client will be ready when Windows 8 launches on October 26th. You can expect Skype Live Tiles for instant updates, calls made directly from a contact’s profile, texting while in chats, and you can even snap the chat to a sidebar to continue using your device.

Windows 8 lands at midnight

Currys & PC World on Tottenham Court Road will be opening at 12:01am on Friday October 26th to start selling Windows 8 devices. With prizes to be won, a magician entertaining, a giant 60in touchscreen running Windows 8, and hundreds of pounds off HP computers, Office Cat is already packing his tent ready to queue at the door.

USB charger iPhone case

Imagine never having to scrounge an iPhone cable again. That’s a world where Office Cat wants to live. So when his Kickstarter radar blipped on the Rivo Case his eyes widened. The case is super slim and features a USB adapter so you can charge your phone anywhere with a port. A simple, yet effective, solution to an ongoing problem.

Source: Kickstarter

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