Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 22/08/12

NASA plans another Mars visit, Tesla museum gets funding, and 3000 robot cars take to the streets – Office Cat sees all

3000 vehicles hit the controlled roads as part of the world’s largest Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot Program. The US$22m project sought to see how well all those robotically driven cars got along with one another. The project, comprising commercial trucks, transit vehicles, and cars, will continue for 12-months. Office Cat isn't that fussed if it works or not – he already has a chauffeur.

Source: Gizmag

Automated car congestion

Office Cat is long enough in the tooth to remember the brilliant games with mind-blowing cover art from Psygnosis. So it's with a heavy heart that he has to report that Sony Liverpool – the studio that evolved from Psygnosis – officially shut down today. That’s the guys who brought you Lemmings, Wipeout, Destruction Derby, G-Police, and of course Shadow of the Beast – gone. To soothe the sadness in your soul, Office Cat recommends you remember the good times with our 10 best retro game covers article.

Source: Kotaku

As Office Cat reported last week, website The Oatmeal is launching a bid to create a museum dedicated to scientific pioneer Nikola Tesla is the godfather of electrical sciences. Just a week into the site's Indigogo campaign, it's already raised the US$850,000 it needed to purchase the site of Tesla's old laboratory – with one pledge of a whopping $US33,333. Office Cat would just like to point out that Tesla owed it all to cats, and expects a dedicated exhibit.

Source: The Verge

RIP Psygnosis

NASA is sending another probe to Mars to give Curiosity a little company. Curiosity forgot to pack his drill apparently so Mars is sending InSight so it can drill down 16 feet and find out what the Red Planet has inside. Office Cat was under the impression it was nougat and caramel, but apparently NASA think it could be pure liquid. We’ll have to wait until 2016 to find out.

Source: Wired

Tesla museum cometh

Office Cat thinks keyboards are the perfect place to sleep. Now there's a way of keeping keys clean with Logitech’s K310 Washable Keyboard. It’ll handle spills but more importantly can be scrubbed down in the kitchen sink and keep on typing. What cat hair?

Source: CNET

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