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Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 22/05/13

It’s pronounced “jif”

It’s all meow to Office Cat – but to the creator of the GIF, Steve Wilhite, it’s a matter of pride – turns out that the image format is pronounced “jif,” not “gif.” Wilhite took the opportunity to correct, well, everyone, in a New York Times interview ahead of his lifetime achievement award at the Webby Awards.
Source: Telegraph

Talk to Chrome

Well, you’re talking to Google, technically. But you can now do it, just like Google I/O said, via Chrome 27. Download, click the mic in a Google search, and near endless videos of Office Cat’s feline friends and family can be yours with mere words. But the new and exciting part that is Google speaks back – allowing for conversational search. “I only want to see dancing cats”, for example.
Source: CNET

HTC in trouble despite One

We loved the HTC One. In fact, nearly everyone did. Yet HTC is still in trouble, with senior executives reportedly jumping ship. The company has been described by some sources as, “in utter freefall.” Sad times. Here’s hoping that sales of the HTC One can save the day.
Source: Gizmag

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