Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 22/04/13

Office Cat gets wind of a new Nokia phone, Ninty makes a console announcement and there’s free food on offer. Mmmm… free food

Nintendo in the pink

Not to be outdone by the hype surrounding the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4, Nintendo has brought forth console news of its own – the company is introducing a pink 3DS XL to the UK from May 31st. Office Cat wonders if anyone will camp out for it. No pun intended.

Nokia’s keys tease

When phones with loads of buttons roamed the world, Nokia was its emperor. So Office Cat’s nostalgic whisker twitches at the thought of new wares expected from the company on Wednesday morning at 7am – as teased in the above image. The image title suggests the colourful new phone might be called the Nokia Convo. Office Cat will update when he knows more.

Source: Engadget

Free Weetabix – or is that Weeta-pics?

Take a look at this girl. Either she’s doing a particularly poor impression of Office Cat clawing at the TV, or she’s trying to pay for her Weetabix by taking a picture. And yes, it’s the latter (Office Cat doesn’t claw at the TV). To promote its new snack, Weetabix is giving away freebies to people who snap its ad in tonight’s Emmerdale. But is it worth the humiliation?

Meet the Virtuix Omni, a planned multi-directional treadmill that lets you run around the environment in Team Fortress 2. Whatever next? Real bullets?

Source: Hot Hardware

Twitter’s comedy festival

Was it inevitable that Twitter would launch its own comedy festival? On Twitter (and Vine)? Office Cat fears so. Not as much, he admits, as he would fear a Facebook photography exhibition. Twitter’s five-day laughathon in association with Comedy Central takes place next week.

Source: New York Times (via Cnet)

Google’s I/O event (May 15-17th) is usually a launchpad for some pretty exciting stuff, so Office Cat will be upset if the highlight is a 32GB Nexus 4 with LTE. Presumably it will at least run Android Key Lime Pie, but this feline is holding out for bigger things…

Source: Pocket-lint

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