Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 21/11/12

A Christian tablet with Android 9.0 (oh yes) is the jewel in today's feline diary

Christian Slate-r

Office Cat doesn't really know where to begin with this Christian tablet with pre-loaded bibles, an 8in screen and 8GB memory. The mention of Android 9.0 on the spec sheet has got him wondering, though. Perhaps its creators own a time machine and have kindly installed Android 9.0 Profiterole for your enjoyment...

Source: Reddit

Surfing the Tube

EE customers is joining the free Tube Wi-Fi bandwagon along with other networks like Vodafone. Its 4G network early adopters can surf the net beneath the streets of London from early next year, through a deal with Virgin Media. Office Cat suspects they'll be disappointed with the subterranean speeds.

Source: Virgin Media

According to a survey carried out by, Britons value the well-being of their mobile phones over their own lives – two thirds of Brits have mobile phone insurance while a meagre 21 per cent have life insurance. Unless you've got nine lives, Office Cat advises re-shuffling your priorities. Unless you plan to return as a zombie to beat your Angry Birds high score that is

About time

Skype has finally updated its Android app with a bonafide tablet version, much to the delight of patient (and impatient) Android slate users. Menus have freshened up to make use of the extra real estate, video call windows are larger and Microsoft's Messenger integration round off the much-needed update rather nicely.

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