Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 21/09/12

Portable power desks and brain-powered robot tails – it can only be Office Cat's daily news prowl

Google Maps iPhone app coming

With all the brouhaha around Apple's new iOS 6 Maps application, it's no surprise that many users wish they could just have Google Maps back. While it's possible to use Google Maps as a web application, the big G is coming to the rescue of iPhone users with a dedicated iOS app. No word on when it will arrive – or if Apple will approve it when it does – but it's definitely in development. In the meantime, Office Cat suggests that you carry an A-Z. Or ask a friendly police officer.

Source: The Guardian

Starbucks launches Verismo coffee machine

Office Cat is more of a tea drinker, but for caffeine fiends, Starbucks has just launched the Verismo – its very own coffee machine, which promises to replicate Starbucks drinks in your home. So now you can enjoy your caramel soya mocha frappucino with whipped cream without having the baristas yell your name across the room at you. Still, the US$200 that the Verismo will cost would buy you a lotta lattes.

Source: Forbes

Shake your tailfeather with the power of your mind

Office Cat can see why humans would be envious of his lovely swishy tail – fortunately, for those of you not blessed with such an appendage, Japanese company Neurowear has stepped in to help with the Shippo. It's a motorised tail that responds to your brainwaves – an EEG headset and pulse monitor measure your current mental state and ping the data to the tail over Bluetooth – if you're excited, it starts wagging.

Source: The Verge

Work where the wild things are with this portable power desk

Office Cat loves the great outdoors – but as a working feline, he's constantly chained to his desk. But no more! The Kanz Field Power Desk frees you from the tyranny of the office – it's a fold-up desk with its own built in power packs for six hours of battery life, plus solar panels and ports for all your gadgets. You can even add a Satellite Broadband Internet IP terminal for all your internet connectivity needs. And the price of freedom? US$2500 for the desk, and US$2850 for the satellite connection terminal.

Source: Dvice

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