Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 21/08/12

Avengers Assemble for laughs, Apple opens its pockets and Office Cat delves into a Wi-Fi controlled home

Office Cat has been to The Avengers Assemble film thrice at the cinema, once in 3D, and he loved it. But he sort of wishes that some of this gag reel had made it into the actual film. Like Thor fumbling his hammer catch in slo-mo, or Agent Hill's overwrought reaction shot.

Source: DenOfGeek

Nintendo invited Office Cat to have a play with New Super Mario Bros 2's Coin Rush mode this week – you have to collect as many coins as you can across three levels and challenge your chums to beat your record over the 3DS console's StreetPass feature. Office Cat didn't do very well – because the 3DS isn't calibrated for cat eyes, he stresses. It had nothing to do with the cocktails.

The Avengers gag reel

Getting up to turn on the air conditioning is out of the question for Office Cat on a leisure day. That’s why he's pleased with Panasonic’s Wi-Fi controlled X-series air conditioners, refrigerators and washers, coming later in the year – they can be accessed using your mobile via NFC and the local network.

Source: PCAdvisor

Mobile controlled home from Panasonic

Apple has just become the most valuable company ever at a whopping £396bn. Office Cat likes to check his stock portfolio on the toilet – the FT makes excellent litter tray liner for a superior class of cat – and reckons it's due to a rise in shares ahead of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini release. That's in spite of those products causing a lull in sales of current models.

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