Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 20/12/12

With Samsung Galaxy S3 Premium Suite, Valve’s Steam on Linux, and the Nokia Lumia 920 on Vodafone, Office Cat is purring today

Samsung Galaxy S3 Premium Suite out now

If you’ve picked up a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have been staring longingly at Galaxy Note 2 users who get to play with features like side-by-side window multitasking and improved camera shooting, your time has come. The Premium Suite update for the Galaxy S3 is out today, adding those features and many more besides. Update your handset now to power up your S3 with Smart Rotation, where the screen rotates to adapt to the angle of your face; Contextual Page, where plugging in headphones automatically opens the Music Player; Best Face for improved photos; and overall improved touch functionality to name but a few.

Valve Steam Linux beta

All hail Valve as it steams ahead – literally – with the release of its Steam beta for Linux. With 39 games available already, like Team Fortress 2 and Frozen Synapse, all Valve asks in return is feedback to further improve on its Linux build. Could this be early testing for its Linux-based Steam Box console OS, Office Cat wonders?

Source: develop-online

Nokia Lumia 920 hitting Vodafone

If you’re a Vodafone user and really want a Nokia Lumia 920, soon your wish will come true. Vodafone will release the handset in early 2013 alongside other Windows Phone 8 mobiles like the HTC 8X, 8S, and Lumia 820.

Source: engadget

Far Cry 3 on the cheap

Hot UK Deals has pulled through again, with a user spotting the Expedition Edition of the fantastic Far Cry 3 on sale at Game for a mere £22.50. Having invested hours and hours hunting down bears among tropical foliage, Office Cat gives this deal his official paw print of approval. Head on over to HUKD for all you need to know. Happy hunting.

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