Stuff Office Cat's Diary 20/11/12

Face-fixing smartphones, 3D meerkats and cheaper 4G tariffs make up today's wonderfully eclectic feline diary

Merry Christmas 2.0

Funky Pigeon (sadly not the edible kind) has partnered up with AR maestros Aurasma to shower us all with 3D augmented reality greetings cards this Christmas. Meerkats, snowmen and penguins are all brought to life by Aurasma's app (iOS, Android), and your nan won't know what hit her. Apart from the sherry, that is.

SIM-free 4G

EE has released its UK 4G price plans for those that want to guzzle down cat pictures at high speeds without being locked into higher prices and long contracts. Prices range from £21 a month for 500MB and hit £36 a month for a generous 5GB. Head on over to EE to make up your own minds.

Office Cat is ready for his closeup

Chinese phone maker Oppo has revealed the Ulike 2, an unfortunately named handset with an 8MP snapper on the rear and a 5MP offering on the front. Designed for the lady (or gentleman) who'd like to take advantage of beautification features (which include face slimming and skin smoothing), the Ulike 2 also has Android 4.0, a gig of RAM and a fabulous glossy white finish.

Source: Engadget

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