Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 20/07/12

Office Cat finds himself living life as the Dark Knight with a Gotham City soundtrack app. The Olympics can wait.

Welcome to Gotham City

Office Cat's plans for the weekend include curling up in a comfy cinema seat to watch The Dark Knight Rises and purring at Selina Kyle. But he's already downloaded The Dark Knight Rises Z+ soundtrack app for iOS and paid for Hans Zimmer's soundtrack and the BAT sound effect simulator. Office Cat likes to be prepared.

Microsoft misplaces profits

Microsoft took US$18 billion in three months but still managed to lose money for the first time ever. Office Cat suggests dangling something shiny in front of its employees to spur productivity. Wait, what's that? Office Cat has just spotted a rather delicious looking Windows 8 tablet with a colourful, pressure sensitive keyboard. Perhaps the Surface will revive Redmond's fortunes.

London's big wheel will provide Office Cat with some Olympics-themed amusement in the coming weeks when EDF Energy lights it up in gold, silver and bronze to reveal what medals Team GB has won each day – and also to reflect the ratio of positive to negative tweets on the Games. Risky business.

Source: BBC

Olympic tweets to light up London Eye

Enjoyable as the Olympics are, they're going to cause some disruption to the traffic on London's roads. So Office Cat's pleased to note that those thoughtful souls at CoPilot and TomTom have updated the CoPilot Live Premium and TomTom Share mapping services to take account of the Olympics. Office Cat must remember to warn his driver that 28th July will be the busiest day.

Speaking of driving, James Bond is getting back behind the wheel of an Aston Martin in the next 007 movie, Skyfall. A traditionalist at heart, Office Cat is pleased to see that Skyfall director Sam Mendes has revived the old Aston Martin DB5 for the movie, as seen in this YouTube video.

Source: [via Gizmodo]

CoPilot and TomTom update maps for the Olympics

Office Cat is partial to the relaxing twinkles of a music box so is delighted he can now use his iPad to make melodies with Joelle Aeshlimann's Little Boxes prototype. Office Cat thinks you should stop bothering him for tidbits and watch the video yourself.

Little Boxes ECAL/Joelle Aeschlimann from ECAL on Vimeo.

Source: Creative Applications

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