Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 20/02/13

Office Cat mulls over a Retina Display iPad Mini and chows down on zebra in today's news round-up

Retina Display iPad Mini on the way?

Buried at the back end of a DigiTimes story comes news that AU Optronics is beavering away on panels for a "next-generation iPad Mini" – which makes sense to Office Cat, given that the iPad Mini is reportedly getting a Retina Display bump.

Source: DigiTimes via AppleInsider

The London Overground has followed in the footsteps of its subterranean sibling, adding Wi-Fi in over 50 stations. Oddly, where the Underground has opted for paid Wi-Fi from Virgin Media, the Overground’s gone for free Wi-Fi from The Cloud. You get the first 60 minutes in every 24 hours free – check out for details.

Forget horse burgers, try zebra

Office Cat fancies himself as a bit of a great hunter – but much as he likes to stay in touch with his leonine heritage, even he’d hesitate at trying to bring down a zebra. Fortunately, Garden4less is giving away an exotic meat hamper containing crocodile skewers, kangaroo sausages, water buffalo burgers and zebra steaks to anyone who buys a Weber Spirit, Genesis or Summit BBQ online. We’ve all been stuffing our faces on horse burgers as it is, why not go the whole hog? Or zebra, whatever.

BBC Sports hits Android

The BBC Sports app is now available to download from the Google Play Store and serves up news, live scores, stats, commentary and analysis as well as live on demand video. Best of all? It's totally free.

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