Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 19/12/12

A Boardwalk Empire ride, BB10 and Galaxy S3 battery boosters get Office Cat's whiskers twitching today

Jonckheere Rolls Royce Aerodynamic Coupe II

Office Cat fancies himself as the Nucky Thompson type, so this Boardwalk Empire-style ride is right up his street. It's the planned successor to the 1900s Jonckheere Rolls Royce Phantom I Aerodynamic Coupe, and it looks like the sort of thing that a Batman villain would drive around in. It's due out in 2013 – better start saving those pennies.

Source: recombu

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery boost

As a power smartphone user, Office Cat motors through phone batteries. So Samsung’s incoming 3000mAh battery (up from the current 2100mAh) for the Galaxy S3 has certainly piqued his interest, priced as it is at a mere US$65 (£40). The NFC toting case might be slightly larger but for less charging and more protection that’s a small price to pay.

Source: talkandroid

BlackBerry 10 incoming

Office Cat's is overflowing today with emails from mobile phone providers saying they will have BlackBerry 10 available on January 30th. So presumably we can expect to see the BlackBerry London around that date, too. Check out parts one and two of Stuff's hands-on with RIM's new OS while you wait.

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