Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 19/11/12

Apple refurbs on eBay, Netflix on the Wii U and a US$5 million Kickstarter game all get our esteemed feline’s attention

Star Citizen

Office Cat misses space sims like X-Wing and Wing Commander – but thanks to Kickstarter, they may be on the verge of a comeback. Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts has scared up an astonishing US$5m for his planned game Star Citizen – which will consist of a single-player campaign, Squadron 42, and a persistent online game world updated on a weekly basis. And the best news? Unlike EVE Online, you won't have to pay a subscription to play. Users will even be able to submit spaceship designs to the developers – and if they're approved, you can sell them to other gamers for real money.

Source: Kickstarter

Mega muscles

Office Cat fancies himself as a bit of a muscle-bound hero – but even he would struggle to measure up to these new artificial muscles. Made using wax-infused nanotube yarn, they can lift more than 100,000 their own weight. That will mean Crysis-style suits that can intelligently adapt to heat by lowering porosity and protecting its wearer.

Source: UTD via Gizmag

Affordable Apple

If paying full price for Apple products fills your bank manager with dread you’ve probably already discovered the refurbished section of the Apple Store. Now eBay's offering its own option, promising the same quality inspection as those refurbed gadgets on the Apple Store – including a one year warranty, plus a new battery for iPods and iPads. Office Cat fears that Stuff's old iPad probably wouldn't pass the inspection.

Source: appleinsider

Netflix for U

Netflix continues its bid to conquer every device, announcing that its service will be available on the Wii U from launch. And, unsurprisingly, it's taking advantage of that second screen on the controller. While watching a film, you can flick through the IMDB-like details to swot up, or browse other films and shows to plan what’s next.

Source: CNET

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