Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 19/10/12

Android updates, sentient grass cutters and searching for life on Mars. You can't accuse Office Cat of lacking variety

Slice and dice

As much as Office Cat despises robotic lawnmowers (they're constantly interrupting his… relaxation time), he has to admit that they take the hassle out of maintaining a finely trimmed lawn. Honda's new £1990 Miimo offering has a built in fan to suck off cuttings as well as a gyroscope to traverse tricky terrain. Not bad for a heartless droid.

Source: Gizmodo

iPlayer munches on Jelly Bean

The BBC has updated its iPlayer app for Android so that it now plays nice with Jelly Bean 4.1. It also has improved video performance for use with the new BBC Media Player, making for an even smoother viewing experience on the move.

Kyocera juices up

Kyocera's newly revealed Digno S smartphone manages to pack in a 4.7in screen, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor into a pink, black or white shell, all powered but a hefty 2,520mAh battery. You'll have to go to Japan to nab one, mind.

Source: Engadget

Evernote evolves

Evernote joins the Android update party with an improved toolbar in the Note Editor, Offline Notebook multi-select for premium users and a redesigned Action Bar for Android tablets. A stretchable widget is the icing on the update cake, which sadly Office Cat cannot eat.

Gene sequencers to visit Mars

Office Cat is a firm believer in aliens, though he doubts there are any on the barren surface of Mars. Still, it's always best to be sure, which is why he supports the decision of MIT scientists to jet off a DNA sequencer to Mars to search for existing life. At least Curiosity will have some company.

Source: DVICE

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