Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 19/07/12

Nokia just sold four million top-end phones. So how did it lose a billion dollars? Office Cat dons his maths hat

Samsung MV900F outed

Perhaps Office Cat spoke too soon when he declared the silly season open earlier in the week. It turns out the official inauguration was yesterday, as marked by the announcement of Samsung’s MV900F MultiView Smart Camera. Like the MV800, it’s got a swivelly flip-out screen engineered specifically for viewing your mug while you shoot that narcissistic Facebook snap. Office Cat reads that the 16.3MP pouty image can then be run through the in-camera Beauty Palette for “professional beauty shots.” Oh, please…

Nokia posts losses

Maybe Nokia should have stuck to making galoshes. The Finnish phone giant sold four million Lumia phones over the last three months, losing a billion dollars (that’s an operating loss) in the process. Even with Office Cat’s limited grasp of business maths, he can see that’s not a good showing.

World’s first soud-activated cinema ad

Office Cat doesn’t imagine this is the most hotly-contested ‘world first’ but if you’re planning to see The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, it might be worth keeping your peepers alert for a Lynx ad that responds to the sort of whooping made by idiots who enjoy audience participation. He suggests making your way quietly out of the auditorium.

He wouldn’t be seen dead with garishly painted claws, but Office Cat can’t help but be tickled by Crayola’s new nail polish. Surely a Parker mascara can’t be far behind?

Source: LDNfashion (via @clairelorimer)

Google Web Lab at London’s Science Museum

Good old Google. It’s helping us “discover the power of the internet while we’re on the internet.” Confused? Office Cat suggests you trot along to the Science Museum in London (there’s a late opening on July 25) to see what mad experiments are smoking away in the basement Web Lab.

Source: Engadget

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