Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 19/03/13

It’s a money saving special with cheaper Sky, iPhone accessories, and even flights thanks to Office Cat

Sky Sports pay-as-you-go on Now TV

Office Cat enjoys watching grown men chase a ball around a field – but what to do when you don't want to shell out for a long term subscription to the sports channels? Sky has come to the rescue, adding a pay-as-you-go service to its Sky Sports airings on the online Now TV service. The, ahem, kicker? It’s a tenner a day. You’ve really got to love your balls for this one.

3D print a Lightning dock adapter for your iPhone 5

You've got your shiny new iPhone 5 and your 30-pin-to-Lightning adapter – but your old 30-pin docks are all obsolete. What to do? 3D printing comes to the rescue yet again, with 3D printing service Sculpteo offering an iPhone 5 dock adapter for a mere €13 in white or €18 in colour. It may not be a moon house, but it's pretty handy all the same.

Source: Pocket-Lint

Google Flight Search touches down in Europe

Those lucky Yankees have been enjoying the wonders of Google's Flight Search for some time now – and at last, Europeans can get in on the action. Google Flight Search is now available in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and The Netherlands, letting you find flights all over the world at the lowest fare. Happy trails.

Source: ITA

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