Stuff Office Cat's Diary - 18/12/12

Windows Phone 7.8, the Samsung Galaxy Grand and a reflective bike is what Office Cat has got his claws into today

Samsung Galaxy Grand

If you lacked opposable thumbs like Office Cat, you would appreciate why bigger phones – like the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Grand – make sense. This new smartphone includes a 5in display, Android Jelly Bean OS, 8MP camera, 8GB of storage and even an option for two SIM cards, making it perfect for Jason Bourne wannabes. Expect it to surface at CES 2013 in January.

Windows Phone 7.8 due early 2013

Time to unplug your Nokia Lumia and wipe away the tears, you won't be getting Windows Phone 7.8 for Christmas, much to the dismay of Office Cat. Nokia piped up to say the devices experiencing the reported update were in fact pre-production models. Bah humbug!

Wallace and Gromit take to Google Hangouts

If you haven't tried Google Hangouts yet, Aardman's lovable plasticine characters Wallace and Gromit may convince you to give it a go, in this new advert. Arthur Christmas has missed out on an ad apperance but Office Cat will forgive the Bristol-based studio this time. Not even he could hold a grudge at Christmas.

Reflective bike lights you up like a Christmas tree

If, like Office Cat, you remove reflectors to make your bike look cool, you will hate this next set of wheels. The whole bike comprises a retro-reflective frame coating, which means it stands out when headlights shine on it, making it easier for you to be seen. Naturally this is a superb idea for that time of year when Office Cat relies heavily on his enhanced vision - just a shame the bike itself is a little uninspired. A case of different strokes for different folks.

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