Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 18/07/12

Texts trounce phone calls, how to make millions on Kickstarter and apps for the blind. Office Cat plugs himself into the news mainframe

Apple Store down – world panics… for nothing

While browsing for some typewriter ribbon this morning, Office Cat noticed the Apple Store was down. Well, if his fur didn’t stand on end! Surely a fellow feline – OS X Mountain Lion – was stalking the other side of the Store’s “we’ll be back” placeholder? Alas, the Store returned with no sign of Office Cat’s violent cousin in sight. Did he miss something?

Despite considering himself something of a social catch, Office Cat had begun to worry his phone didn’t ring enough. Happily, it turns out the trend is nationwide, with Brits instead turning to texting, now the most popular form of communication with an average 50 messages a week per person. Lucky Office Cat is close to mastering the T9 predictive dictionary, eh?

OUYA Android console scoops US$5m on Kickstarter

Office Cat’s startup venture is still under wraps, but he’s thinking of getting the chaps from OUYA to come in for a consult. They’ve just rung in US$5m in Kickstarter funding for their US$99 Android games console. The team was looking for less than a million dollars initially, so Office Cat might hit them up for a lend of some of their surplus funds.

Source: Kickstarter (via TechRadar)

Panasonic FZ60 and LZ20 get no love

There’s always a runt in the litter, but in the case of Panasonic’s new brood, there are two. While the world gawps at the Lumix G5, LX7 and FZ200, their superzoom brothers – the 24x FZ60 and 21x LZ20 – are finding it difficult to get anywhere near the publicity teat. Office Cat sympathises and will do his little to help, even if does mean pointing out the 16MP pair’s Achilles’ heel: video capture at 1080i and 720p respectively. Not really deserving of blanket non-coverage, is it?

Sometimes Office Cat’s glad he’s got remarkable eyesight. Georgie, a new app “designed for the blind, visually impaired, disabled, elderly and simply technophobic” might only be 99p to download, but the setup and support costs run into hundreds of pounds. Bit steep, especially if you're just a technophobe.

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