Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 18/02/13

Office Cat discovers shots to make you sober, glorious car design and a Doom render to drool for

Alfa Romeo Gloria

Office Cat is yelping in delight at this gorgeous Alfa Romeo design. Sadly, while it may look like a glimpse of the future, it’s only a concept for now. So apart noting that it has suicide doors and it's 15 feet long, there’s little else to say. Just look and enjoy.

Source: Alfa Romeo

Sobriety shots

Office Cat likes a tipple every now and again, but can take or leave the hangovers. Now, MIT researchers may have cracked his dilemma with a nanoscale injection that causes sobriety in a rush. It’s still at the stage where they're injecting it into mice – but Office Cat is keenly awaiting feline trials.

Source: Gizmodo


Doom remastered

Office Cat spends 18 hours a day cat napping – so he has plenty of admiration for people who occupy their time productively. Or who just have too much time on their hands – like this chap, who has converted a 320x240 resolution Doom screenshot into a 9600x7211 image.

Source: Gizmodo

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