Stuff Office Cat's diary – 17/10/12

Hurricane lamps, virtual FA Cups and checking meat temperatures with Android are all present and accounted for in Office Cat's diary

Take a swig from the FA Cup

Unless you plan on becoming a professional ball kicker anytime soon, the chances of you drinking from the FA Cup are pretty slim. Thankfully Aurasma and Budweiser have teamed up to transform your innocent can of nectar into a virtual FA Cup, thanks to the magic of augmented reality. Ah, the sweet bubbly taste of victory...

Free Tube Wi-Fi extended

Virgin Media has announced that its London Underground Wi-Fi service will remain free for all commuters until 2013 which is good news for internet addicts across the capital. Now all that's needed is coverage in the tunnels so that social butterflies will never miss out on what their friends are tweeting about lunch.

iGrill hits Android

Office Cat prefers his meat raw, but he realises that weak human stomachs need food to be cooked to a safe level before consumption. iGrill hopes to make this process easier by sending live food temperature readings directly to your Android device, giving chefs more opportunity to multitask around the kitchen (read: play Angry Birds).

LinkedIn revamped

LinkedIn has been given a fresh lick of paint in its latest redesign which begins rolling out from today. Changes include the ability to follow respected leaders (for some reason they've neglected to include Office Cat – his people have raised the issue) as well as a fresh new-look profile with better access to professional connections.


The Scout Association has unveiled a range of new products for the outdoorsy types including a handy dog tag tool and vintage hurricane lamp to keep away those pesky bears – or renegade squirrels if you're in the UK.

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